Competency-based m-learning Program on Immunisation Supply Chain

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Challenges of Traditional Training

In the context of resource limitation, outbreaks, and pandemics (COVID-19), it is now crucial to provide countries with innovative approaches to continuously train immunisation professionals at all levels of the health system. Indeed, it is largely acknowledged that delivering face-to-face training programs is very costly and time-consuming. The high-stakes environment in the healthcare industry pressure healthcare workers to deliver quality outcomes with little time for preparation.

GaneshAID’s Innovation to address Multi-position Training

A useful alternative to such traditional learning is competency-based learning. Competency-based learning is a framework for instructional design that focuses on the desired performance characteristics of specific healthcare positions.

GaneshAID has developed a mobile application that is designed to take into consideration the complexities that accompany the different roles of the immunisation supply chain workforce.

The innovation features a highly individualised learning pathway allowing learners to receive training anytime and anywhere rather than the traditional, one-size-fits-all curriculum.

The application promotes necessary flexibility in time, where the content is regulated by the needs of each learner’s position. In this way, the workers will be equipped with relevant knowledge and skills within a restricted amount of time. It also facilitates high levels of engagement among iSC workforce of similar roles through forums, newsfeed, and chat functions. Immunisation supply chain workers have the opportunities to exchange ideas and gain daily motivation through these features.


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