Samiratou Adanminakou – Coordinator of Health Systems Immunisation Strengthening Projects in Senegal


Having an ambition of reaching zero dose children and missed community, Samiratou joined GaneshAID as Coordinator of Health Systems/ Immunization Strengthening Projects in Senegal.

Samiratou obtains specialized skillset and knowledge in Public Health and she applied in her experience with EPI Senegal. As Coordinator of Health Systems/ Immunization Strengthening Projects in Senegal, Samiratou is responsible for acting as the national focal point of the GaneshAID project team in Senegal, providing technical assistance to the EPI with regard to the GaneshAID projects for coaching the performance of the EPI (Coach2PEV) and reducing inequalities in access to vaccination, in particular zero-dose children (EQUITY) and participating in the development of the Coach2PEV digital solution scaling strategy and organizational capacity development plan, cost estimation, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

In addition, she can facilitate in-person and remote meetings/workshops organized by the project team with stakeholders, distribute advocacy materials (hard and soft copies) to convince decision-makers to use the innovative approach of Coach2PEV, and EQUITY to achieve immunization results, develop and update the mapping of stakeholders, partners and experts, strengthen partnerships and networking for existing and new projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Planning and Finance, as well as development partners.

Past Experience

Before joining GaneshAID, Samira held the position of Epidemiological investigator of cases of diseases with epidemic potential and Team leader for the collection of medical data on children aged 7 to 16 with disabilities (physical, visual, auditory, mental) in Tillaberi. She also participated in various immunization programs in Senegal in particular and in Africa in general.


Samiratou holds a Master’s Degree on Integrated Health Risks Management (InHRM) (University of Liège, Liège (Belgium), Master’s degree on Public Health – Epidemiology (Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar (Senegal), and PhD on Medicine (Abdou Moumouni University, Niamey (Niger).

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