Coach2PEV is on iOS: A major step forward for supportive supervision!

This is an excellent news for supportive supervision!

Indeed, since January 2024, the iOS version of the Coach2PEV mobile application has been available and downloadable from the App Store.
This mobile application is a survey and performance coaching solution for EPI staff. It is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of supervising any primary health care program. Thanks to its features, the supportive supervision process is greatly simplified.


The Coach2PEV application is a complete tool, with two main functionalities on board: The first functionality, “My Coach”, allows the creation of formative supervision championships using digitalized supervision grids. Supervisors can thus monitor the implementation of their coachees’ improvement plan in real time. Thanks to this functionality, supervisors have a clear vision of the progress of their coachees and can support them more effectively.

The second feature, “My Online Survey”, allows you to create surveys from questionnaire design to report production. The collected data is automatically compiled and detailed reports are generated. This feature greatly simplifies the data collection and analysis process, allowing supervisors to quickly gain valuable insights into learner/supervisee effectiveness in decision-making.

Thus, the availability of the iOS version of the application provides greater accessibility to iPhone users.


By downloading Coach2PEV, EPI staff can train and improve their performance. The application offers educational resources (a training catalog, enriched with more than 100 learning capsules and e-JobAids), and generously provides access to assessment tools to help health workers strengthen their skills regarding vaccination. Coaches and coachees can thus take advantage of the application’s functionalities to improve their formative supervision experience and optimize the results of EPI staff.
GaneshAID plays a crucial role in developing and implementing solutions to encourage continuing education of health professionals, as well as facilitate children’s access to primary health care, particularly in low-income countries and intermediate. As a result, GaneshAID continues to innovate and develop solutions adapted to specific country and public health requirements. The Coach2PEV application is one concrete example among many others of GaneshAID’s commitment to supporting vaccination efforts and providing powerful tools, adapted to healthcare professionals, to save more lives.

To download the Coach2PEV application on iOS, simply click here or go to the App Store and type “C2P Sénégal 2.0” in the search bar. Once the application is installed on your device, do not hesitate to report any issues or relevant elements to us using the comments section. This will be of great help to us in the next updates of the application. We are convinced that you will enjoy the iOS version of the Coach2PEV application, so don’t wait any longer to try it! Make the most of this version now for more effective formative supervision and continuous reinforcement of the performance of EPI staff.


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