Digitalisation of Supportive Supervision – C2P

As a matter of fact, healthcare workers are the backbone of the healthcare system. Nonetheless, the insufficient quantity and quality of health workers around the world have been identified as one of the most pressing obstacles to the achievement of health and development goals.

The healthcare environment’s intense, high-stakes nature requires healthcare workers to undergo continuous professional training to consolidate their skills.

Challenges of Traditional Supportive Supervision

In resource-restricted areas, constant supportive supervision, training, and mentorship of healthcare staff are vital in upskilling the healthcare workforce. However, the COVID-19 situation restricts the way that healthcare professionals can receive traditional training, mentorship, and coaching, which has been done only through traditional supervision visits.

As new rules pose a great challenge, and for a time when most activities come to a standstill, organisations are trying to figure out how to best mitigate the challenges. This effort gives way to innovation and digital health technology via mobile phones, apps, and tablets, which creates powerful changes with measurable results.

GaneshAID met EPI health workers in Senegal (Senegal, 2021)
GaneshAID met EPI health workers in Senegal (Senegal, 2021)

GaneshAID’s Innovation: C2P
(Coach to Perform)

Digital performance coaching solution is one of the hallmarks of success at GaneshAID.

Our creative solution – C2P- transforms how coaches and coachees usually come together.

C2P is an appreciable performance coaching innovation designed specifically for immunisation workers. The solution has greatly fostered the competencies of users through self-assessment which is the basis for a scheduled improvement plan. The app’s integrated m-learning program, performance acknowledgment through ranking, and championship reinforce health workers’ confidence and motivation.

Key Features

C2P solution has 02 components:
A Central Web Platform (CWP), and
A mobile application

Central Web Platform (CWP)

The CWP grants administrators access to all the features,
allowing them to manage and monitor the mobile C2P app

C2P Mobile App

The C2P app measures and coaches
the health workers’ performances

Key Functions

On C2P mobile app, users are offered two primary functions:

Evaluation of health programmes’ performances

Automatically generated improvement plan

Electronic performance dashboard with evidence-based progress tracking

Catalogue of micro-learning capsules for on-the-go training

Knowledge library: e-JobAids, guidelines, SOPs, strategies

Performance-based reward and championship for gamification

Community of Practice: Forum and instant messaging

Data collection

Data analysis

Report generation


GaneshAID Smart Solution - C2P - Daily tasks screen
Daily tasks
GaneshAID Smart Solution - C2P - Performance evaluation screen
Performance Evaluation
GaneshAID Smart Solution - C2P - Improvement plan screen
Improvement Plan
GaneshAID Smart Solution - C2P - E-dashboard screen

C2P helps health workers

Boost performance coaching culture

Allow constructive performance review

Enhance satisfaction and motivation

Improve health service delivery

Community health workers using C2P application to collect immunisation data (Senegal, 2021)
Community health workers using C2P application to collect immunisation data (Senegal, 2021)

Meet the GaneshAID Smart Team

From GaneshAID Smart, let’s meet the people behind the development of C2P!

B-Hai Le P
Digital Solution Officer

User feedback

Users found C2P beneficial
for their daily tasks

Users found C2P innovative
for supportive supervision

Users would recommend
C2P to their colleagues

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