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Launching Workshop:
The GaneshAID-KLIC Consortium
in Benin

Let’s join us in the Opening Ceremony of the KLIC Benin Office!

May 23rd, 2024

Onsite at Novotel Cotonou Orisha (Boulevard de la Marina, 08 BP 0929, 0 COTONOU, Benin)

About KLIC

Established by GaneshAID as an NGO in Benin, KLIC is a pioneering think tank and network committed to informing countries about available health innovations and accelerating their evidence-based implementation and scale-up at the country level. We aim to strengthen countries’ capacity to lead and manage the implementation and scale-up of pro-equity innovations, fostering a country-led movement of health system modernization.

To ensure robust technical support to the Ministry of Health, KLIC has entered a consortium led by GaneshAID, a non-profit international consultancy specialized in innovation for health system strengthening.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for health system transformation and modernisation, nurturing an environment where health innovations can thrive and pave the way for sustainable health equity and coverage.

Our Mission

To inform and guide countries in adopting and scaling up pro-equity health innovations

To strengthen countries’ capacity for innovative leadership

To support countries in the development of strategies and policies for adopting, testing, and scaling up pro-equity innovations

KLIC2023 – Matching Need and Innovation: The Immunisation Use Case

In the past 20 years, national health systems have adapted to significant changes due to shifting demographics, new vaccine introductions, updates of health programmes, and various emerging diseases. This has led to more sophisticated practices and approaches to health service delivery, data management, leadership and governance, and finance management. As a result, Ministries of Health and development partners have expanded their roles and adopted new strategies to support vulnerable and neglected populations.

To support countries in the modernisation of health systems, GaneshAID and its partners organised a 3-day innovation lab event, namely KLIC2023, with the theme of “Matching Need and Innovation: The Immunisation Use Case,” in alignment with the Immunisation Agenda 2030 and the five-year strategy 2021-2025 of Gavi (Gavi 5.0).

KLIC2023 – Findings


Knowledge sharing revealed the same obstacles faced by African and Asian countries.


South-South cross-learning revealed that many helpful innovations remain unknown due to a lack of information or evidence.


Governments’ capacities to drive the innovation agenda require strengthening.


Countries are willing to innovate and modernize immunisation programs.


There is an urgent need to invest in innovation intelligence to optimize innovation processes.


Innovation has to become an integral part of policymaking and service delivery for systematic adaptation in times of change.

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