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Social and mobile learning programme for immunisation and communities – VacciForm

Challenges of Routine Immunisation during Pandemic 

With the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic, frontline health workers were under immense pressure to continuously update and renew their skills to ensure an appropriate and timely pandemic response.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in reluctance among vaccinators to maintain their routine activities. This consequence may hinder immunisation programmes and lower vaccination coverage. 

In the event of a pandemic, the training of vaccine providers in real-time is imperative to maintain immunisation activities and convey the protective measures taken. Providing on-the-go training or instant access to curated learning resources can ease the obstacle of training during the pandemic.

Vacciform Mobile App developed by GaneshAID Smart

GaneshAID’s Innovation: VacciForm

In response to this issue, GaneshAID has come up with an innovation to address the need for rapid learning on new measures of routine immunisation during any pandemic: VacciForm.

VacciForm offers health workers a COVID-19 m-learning course that provides micro-learning capsules targeting the most critical information to be updated, such as national guidelines and regulations to deal with COVID-19 situations in a routine immunisation session.

Not only that, but VacciForm also provides a social learning network for the healthcare communities to directly learn from each other and share information to inform their agile responses to any pandemic. The solution includes a Facebook-like page and WhatsApp-like chat functions that promote knowledge exchange, creating a space where questions can be asked and answered and promising approaches can be discussed.

By constantly updating crucial information and sharing knowledge with other colleagues, health workers using VacciForm are able to maintain the immunisation routine with confidence in the event of an outbreak.

VacciForm for whom?

Designed to build a well-prepared immunisation workforce, in which health workers are competent, motivated, resilient, and empowered

VacciForm is an application for vaccine providers, community health workers, CSOs, journalists, and traditional leaders

Vaccine providers

Community health workers



Traditional leaders

Key Features

M-learning and Knowledge Library

Micro-learning capsules

Knowledge Library accessible anytime and anywhere

Social Learning Network

Spread news and guidance from credible sources on Institutional Newsfeeds

Create threads in Discussion Forums

Instant messages to peers, supervisors, and experts


GaneshAID Smart Solution - Vacciform - Welcome screen
Welcome screen
GaneshAID Smart Solution - Vacciform - Knowledge Library screen
Knowledge Library
GaneshAID Smart Solution - Vacciform - Micro-learning screen
GaneshAID Smart Solution - Vacciform - Network screen
Social learning network

VacciForm helps health workers

Strengthen the knowledge and practical skills of vaccine providers during emergencies

Stay up-to-date with any shared information as the pandemic evolves

Encourage active communication between vaccine providers and their supervisors

Foster a culture of peer learning via the forum and the social network

GaneshAID VacciForm - Vaccine providers at the VacciForm briefing session for the replication phase
Vaccine providers at the VacciForm briefing session for the replication phase (Benin, 2023)

Meet the GaneshAID Smart Team

From GaneshAID Smart, let’s meet the people behind the development of VacciForm!

B-Hai Le P
Digital Solution Officer

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