What We Do

GaneshAID supports governments and development partners in formulating transformative approaches to move towards universal health coverage within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We provide a wide array of new approaches and technical assistance to achieve the universal right to healthy life and well-being, leaving no one behind!

Our Centres of Expertise

GaneshAID’s Centres of Expertise are end-to-end and developed as a strategy to design innovations that combine novelties from different fields – public health, science, technology, psychology, and business – to address public health challenges. At GaneshAID, we believe by pooling multidisciplinary expertise, multifaceted challenges can be resolved through sustainable innovations.

Our Centres of Expertise are progressively adapted to reach unmet and evolving health needs, especially from the vulnerable populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic or any other emergency events.

We strive to expand our competitive advantages day by day to improve the value of public health efforts through a clear focus on operational excellence and organic growth.

GaneshAID Intelligence

Generating evidence to formulate innovative strategies.

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GaneshAID Academy

Continuous strengthening of health workforce performance.

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GaneshAID Smart

Service digitalisation and process automation.

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GaneshAID Equity

Sustainable deployment of health equity innovations at the country level.

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Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC)

KLIC is a network for accelerating evidence-based innovation use at the country level.

It is a gathering of innovators, innovation users, and investors to work in unison towards the common goal of enhancing health and immunisation equity.

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Our Priorities

Our scope of work covers diverse areas that are critical to building resilient health and immunization systems. Leveraging need-based innovations and optimized solutions, we aim to improve the health workforce, support equitable access to cost-effective medicines, vaccines, and technology, as well as reinforce health information systems. All our interventions are designed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated in collaboration with Governments and in-country Development Partners.

Leadership and Governance

GaneshAID upholds strong governance at all levels as a key component of resilient health systems.

Human Resources for Health

GaneshAID supports health workers as an essential factor for the delivery of healthcare and immunisation interventions.

Equitable Access

GaneshAID collaborates with national and international stakeholders to address the main barriers to an efficient in-country supply chains.

People-centred Service Delivery

GaneshAID supports countries in developing new strategies for optimising access to high-quality health services at various levels.

Community Engagement

GaneshAID designs new and optimised approaches with people and communities placed at the centre of health services.

Health Intelligence

GaneshAID is dedicated to maximise the use of evidence for health strategy and policy shaping.

Our Projects

The aim of our projects is to improve health policies, systems, products, technologies, and services that help us accelerate progress toward Universal Health & Immunisation Coverage within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our solutions are developed with the added value of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety, and affordability.

Since innovation is a perpetual process, GaneshAID’s innovation strategy does not limit itself to product development but also ensures user adoption, sustainability & affordability, integration with health policy and system, and continuous adaptation to changing requirements.

Our Innovations Are Yours!