Matching Need and Innovation: The Immunisation Use Case

An event of the Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC)

December 5th – 7th, 2023

Onsite at Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha (Address: 2 Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam)

Online participation available

A catering fee of USD 200 per onsite participant was generously sponsored by GaneshAID.

Why a Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community to achieve health equity?

KLIC is a think tank designed to inform countries about available innovations and to accelerate evidence-based innovation use at the country level.

Changes and complexity in health programmes

In the past twenty years, national health systems have faced continuous changes because of new vaccine introductions, population demographics (immigration/migration), health programme calendars, and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Likewise, countries have to adjust to the growing complexity of health service delivery, data systems, governance, and finance.

This situation has increased the roles and responsibilities of Ministries of Health, partners, and communities, with new approaches and innovations to reach the vulnerable, underserved, and missed communities, such as zero-dose and under-immunised children, the elderly, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, underinsured individuals, etc.

Accelerating innovations to leave no one behind with healthcare

In the frameworks of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GaneshAID, governments, and partners have been collaborating to overcome critical obstacles to health equity through innovations and knowledge on successful interventions. While Governments around the world seek to modernise their health systems to reach all communities better, there is still a limitation in their capacity to innovate and to bring innovations successfully from the global to country level.

For the last 10 years, GaneshAID has assisted countries in introducing and adopting innovations for health equity and coverage. Also, in recent years, GaneshAID has provided technical assistance to countries to develop their applications for Gavi Equity Accelerator Funding (EAF) and Full Portfolio Planning (FPP). During this process, Governments were also requested to introduce or deploy innovations to reach zero-dose and under-immunised children as well as missed communities. Although some innovations were introduced at a very small scale, most were not evaluated for further scale-up.

Likewise, countries have had difficulty accessing innovations and interventions that would address their priority barriers to health equity. Unlike at the global level, innovations and knowledge are discussed but rarely systematically disseminated to decision makers and practitioners at the national level.

KLIC: A catalyser of innovations for health equity

As an innovation incubator since 2010, GaneshAID is now committed to accelerating health innovations and designing scale-up strategies that will enable health systems to deliver differentiated interventions tailored to the needs of diverse populations and geographical regions.

Acting as a collaborative platform for all partners, stakeholders, and donors, the Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) will encourage the creation, development, and implementation of novel ideas to address unresolved issues and barriers to health equity.

KLIC aims to equip countries with the knowledge and evidence they need to engage and sustain pro-equity innovations that make a real transformation in their health systems. Specifically, KLIC will connect countries’ needs to existing innovations, co-design new ideas and innovations, support innovation strategies, and build partnerships.


proven ideas and interventions
for health equity
with countries in need


the development of strategies for introducing, testing,
and scaling up
pro-equity innovations


missing pro-equity solutions required to overcome
health equity challenges


sustainability partnerships for continuous modernisation
of health systems

What Will KLIC Do?

Gather health system innovators and innovation users to accelerate knowledge creation for solving “wicked” problems. KLIC will coordinate existing innovations with the obstacles to accessing health services to overcome them.

Use human-centred design to identify current equity-related challenges. With this, KLIC can help detect opportunities suitable for populations. KLIC will also develop an open toolbox to generate, experiment, and deploy novel solutions tailored to their needs.

Engage various talented health system innovators, innovation users, decision makers, investors, and health system strengthening professionals to collaborate as equal partners, designing necessary future innovations to address unresolved health equity challenges.

Spread a culture of experimentation to accept failure as a part of the learning process to achieve health equity.

Who Is KLIC For?

KLIC is dedicated to health system innovators, health system strengthening professionals, governments, and organisations that nurture a culture of designing, developing, and experimenting with breakthrough ideas and innovations for health equity.

KLIC will foster promising novel ideas and innovations in some of the following areas:

Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Service Delivery
Service Delivery
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Learning and Performance Management
Learning & Performance Management
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Supply Chain, Cold Chain, and Logistics
Supply Chain, Cold Chain, and Logistics
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Demand Generation and Community Engagement
Demand Generation and Community Engagement
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Disease and AEFI Surveillance
Disease and AEFI Surveillance
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Leadership, Management, and Coordination
Leadership, Management, and Coordination
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Governance and Strategic Planning
Governance and Strategic Planning
Areas Knowledge Lab for Innovation Community (KLIC) covers - Financing

KLIC 2023 – Matching Need and Innovation: The Immunisation Use Case

KLIC 2023 is not a one-off event, but the beginning of KLIC as a network for collaboration, innovation, and problem solving. It is a gathering of great minds to work in unison towards the common goal of enhancing immunisation equity. KLIC is a network that begins before we meet in person, and continues afterwards until we meet again, and again.

KLIC 2023, with the theme of Matching Need and Innovation: The Immunisation Use Case, is the first KLIC event that connects innovation users to innovators and investors. The event will be held from December 5th to 7th, 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam with the participation of approximately 200 delegates from all over the world, representing a like-minded global innovation community dedicated to spreading the culture of innovation for accelerating immunisation equity.

Following the Immunisation Agenda 2030 and the five-year strategy 2021-2025 of Gavi (Gavi 5.0), KLIC 2023 will strengthen the capacity of country delegations to identify priority immunisation equity challenges and raise demands for innovation uses to address those challenges. KLIC 2023 will also facilitate the exchange of collaborative ideas between country delegations and health innovators through a marketplace and exhibition.

Using various interactive facilitation techniques before, during, and after the event, KLIC 2023’s participants will immerse themselves in processes that they will also be able to transfer and apply in their own environments back home.

But most importantly, we will have begun what will be a long-standing relationship of collaboration to solve seemingly unsolvable problems by working together, learning together, and supporting one another.

Matching Immunisation Barriers/Challenges to Innovations

Launching the KLIC Observatory of Health Innovations

  • Brainstorming on major obstacles to health and immunization equity and coverage in Africa and Asia
  • Necessary innovations to be co-designed with countries and innovators: the WHO Innovation framework
  • The KLIC dynamic observatory of innovations will be classified by priority challenge faced by countries in terms of 
    • Governance and Leadership 
    • Financing 
    • Service delivery
    • Health workforce 
    • Information systems
    • Supplies and logistics
    • Community engagement
  • Using the WHO innovation framework to define priority needs 
  • Innovation strategy development: WPRO best practices and lessons learned

Building countries’ capacity to own and lead health innovation and scale-up

Lauching the KLIC academy for innovation users

  • Training session 1: Creating an enabling innovation ecosystem: People, Process and Tools
  • Training session 2: Developing an health innovation strategy at country level
  • Training session 3: Becoming an innovative leader and manager at national and subnational levels
  • Training session 4: Documenting and measuring innovation success and lessons learned

Prioritising Technical Support to Accelerate Innovation for Modern & Robust Immunisation Systems & Services

Launching the KLIC Think Tank

  • Research and Innovation – paving the path for modernising health and immunisation systems and services
  • Round-Table: rationale for prioritising innovations, importance of alignment among donors, and comparative advantages of innovation investments: 
    • USAID
    • BMGF
    • Gavi secretariat
  • Priority technical support for accelerating immunisation innovation introduction and scale up in LMICs in Africa and Asia
    KLIC 2024 roadmap

KLIC 2023: Objectives

Connect immunisation barriers to existing proven innovations in use in African and Asian countries

Strengthen the capacities of LMICs in innovative leadership, strategy design for the deployment of health innovations, evaluation of innovations, and resource mobilisation

Establish a South-South group of experts to advise to accelerate the modernisation of health and immunisation systems through innovation in Africa and Asia

KLIC 2023: Expected Outcomes

  1. The launch of the KLIC Interactive Innovation Observatory mapping out the innovators, innovations, and users of innovations in Health/immunisation.
  2. The first edition of the Academy for Innovative Leadership in Immunisation (ALI), which will strengthen the capacities of participants in the management of innovation for health.
  3. KLIC Think Tank, a Reflection Group made up of international experts acting as an incubator and accelerator of innovative ideas and research to innovate health systems.
  4. A catalogue of technical assistance to support countries in the introduction and scale-up of health innovations.
  5. Preparation of the KLIC 2024 roadmap.

How Can You Support KLIC 2023?

As a platform for the global innovation community, we recognise the key element of KLIC 2023’s success is your support. We welcome financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteers. Every contribution helps us reach our mission of bringing innovations to Low- and Middle-income Countries and the populations that are in need.

In return for your support, we will acknowledge your contribution to KLIC 2023 materials and our website. We are grateful for your support, and we will ensure it is used effectively and efficiently to reach our goals. Your contribution will make a lasting impact and we look forward to celebrating our successes with you.

In addition, you can also:

  • Help us identify innovation users, innovators, and investors who should join KLIC 2023.
  • Connect us with proven innovations to improve immunisation equity.
  • Sponsor the event and join the design process of KLIC 2023.
  • Support the participation of governmental representatives in KLIC 2023.
  • Co-design the agenda via our online consultation.
  • Join the technical committee as experts and innovators.

Collaborate With Us!

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