Lan Nguyen – Chief Accountant

The mission-driven work and opportunity to contribute to a greater social good is highly motivating for Lan, and her financial expertise can be instrumental in ensuring the organization’s financial health and maximizing its impact. In GaneshAID, her responsibilities including managing a team of accountants, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting, and providing financial guidance and analysis to leadership for informed decision-making.

Lan has over 13 years of experience in accounting, including more than 5 years in the position of general accountant and more than 3 years in the position of chief accountant. She is experienced in tax settlement, tax refund, tax complaints and book completion. She also has the ability to build accounting systems including human resource management, software system construction, document systems, accounting books and reporting systems (Financial reports and Management reports). She has more than 12 years working in Mobifone Global.

Lan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Accounting from the Thuongmai University, with multiple certifications relating to finance and accounting.


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