Linh Hoang – Public Health Officer


Linh specializes in leveraging research methods and advanced statistics to leverage methodology in Research projects. Indeed, Health and Immunization Systems rely increasingly on data to support health programmes intelligence.

As a Public Health Officer, she provides analytics and methodologies for monitoring – evaluation – accountability – reporting and learning within GaneshAID Public Health and Immunization projects.  In her assignments, she incorporates expertise research questions and provides technical assistance to all experimental projects and innovations that require human engagement and transformational practices.

Likewise, Linh interprets numbers and human behavior for data-driven decision making. In her role, she supports project-level data management systems to facilitate the analysis of data to advance GaneshAID public health research and performance monitoring. She is focused on the needs of our beneficiaries: communities – health workforce – leaders and managers – researchers – public health and immunization specialists who carry out interventions within GaneshAID’s core areas of work.

Past Experience

Before joining GaneshAID, Linh was an active member among Vietnam One Health University Network, which facilitates projects in public health. Additionally, she is experienced in the Research field as Research Assistant at Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP), proving to be a professional Research Specialist.


Linh got the Diploma of Preventive Medicine Doctor at Hanoi Medical University in 2019. Then she continuously holds a MSc degree in Public Health at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam.

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