Trang Vu – Project Assistant

GaneshAID's Project Assistant - Trang Vu


Inspired by GaneshAID’s motto and vision, Trang joined the professional team to contribute her part in reaching the organisation’s mission as a Project Assistant.

Her current duties include providing the necessary support for the Managing Director and heads of Capacity Learning and Building, Research, Digital Solution, and Digital Marketing Departments to ensure the smooth operation of all project activity implementation. Trang also proactively supports Human Resource Officers by providing secretariat and general administrative tasks including managing project schedules externally and internally, preparing training, research material and needed documents, and travel arrangement.

Past experience

Trang’s had 1 year of experience as a Project Assistant for CISDOMA and a Programme Intern for Oxfam. Thanks to this job, she accumulated certain experiences in arranging work plans; following up on the project’s implementation; managing data and information; writing reports; assisting in organising meetings, workshops, and events; providing administrative, financial, logistical support, and other daily operations for activities of organisations; managing communication channels; contacting with partners and stakeholders.


Trang holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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