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Online training is “on the spot” training and can alleviate the burden of organizing face-to-face training. There has been an increasing demand to develop more online training courses from different institutions and training facilities. Along with this trend, the need to manage resources and design the courses has also become more emphasized. It is very important that the courses are not invasive, but attractive and worth-learning.

This blog will explore how GaneshAID’s micro-learning capsules tackle such problems and design a training course that enables learners to gain knowledge without getting bored.

Focused and Short sessions

With the immense growth of the internet and social media, people often expect instant gratification, the desire to gain satisfaction or fulfillment without any delay, from any content they come across on the internet. This inclination has also transformed the way people envision the use of their learning time. Adult learners want to learn instantly, anytime and anywhere, on-the-job and even on-the-go. In another word, as soon as the need for learning arises, it must be satisfied immediately.

Understanding such propensity, GaneshAID teams have developed micro-learning capsules that meet all requirements of the learners: ShortAccessible and Convenient. All of our capsules only last 2 to 7 minutes and focus only on learners’ demands. We believe that concise and right-to-the-point training course will improve learners’ information retention.

Competency-based Learning Pathway and Training Package

Based on thorough training needs assessments, we develop curricula, syllabuses, and storyboards that enables competency and skill identification per target audience. Thereon, each final capsule corresponds to a specific task and knowledge required for such target audience to complete their job.

Catchy and Engaging 

Although typical training course can take several days and presentations on important information can last a few hours, adult learning data suggest that typical learner attention span wanes after about 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, it is essential to create not only short and focused but also interactive, playful and action-oriented capsules hold the learners’ attention.

In each project, we utilize different techniques to make the contents more interesting and appealing. In this way, learners can be more active in their learning and this approach is proven to increase learners’ knowledge retention.


Competency-based and not invasive, our bite-sized learning fits into the learners’ tight schedules and heightens their sense of achievement by bringing answer to specific needs on the go. More importantly, the learning content links directly to the learner as an individual rather than addressing to a group of audience as in traditional learning approaches.


Another benefit of GaneshAID’s micro-learning products is that all of capsules are adapted for mobile devices (smartphone and tablet), and even for slow internet connections. This advantage makes it possible for learners to access capsules offline with all types of media inclusion: from video, podcast, to pictures and in-house developed illustrations.


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